Lets Get Those Numbers Moving!


If you are signed up to our shoebox service you will be provided with your own free to post mailing bag - yes free! 


There are plenty of small businesses owners out there who want to stick to the "old fashioned" ways of accounting and just collect there financial documents up and provide them to their accountant/bookkeeper - using apps or a new piece of software is just not for everyone and we understand that!

Hence why we have introduced the free to post mailing bag! 


All you need to do is chuck in your invoices, receipts and bank statements. Once posted and received back at our HQ your dedicated bookkeeping specialist will do the rest!

How Do I Use The Shoe Box Service?




One you have requested to use the shoe box service, your first free to post mail bag will be sent out to you directly. As soon as you receive this, collect up all of your monthly documents.

At the end of the month, check that all of your invoices, receipts and bank statements have been popped in. Once your happy everything is included, wiz this off to your nearest post box or post office and that's you done - simple right?


After you have posted your documents, you can then pop your feet up and enjoy a nice 'cuppa'! 

Its time for your dedicated bookkeeping specialist to take over and complete your monthly accounts.

Are you already a shoe box plan client and need to request an additional bag(s) then click here